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We're being discussed on ANI. If that doesn't give you a nice fuzzy feeling, I don't know what will ;)

The IP is alleging undisclosed paid editors are accepting contracts solicited via Upwork to post the disclosed paid editor William Butler's drafts into Wikipedia main space, as a workaround to the fact no legit editors ever seem to want to help him earn his corn, leaving his drafts unaccepted for months at a time.

Wikitribune flopshow, backers rattled, punters leave.

The London-based WikiTribune's first “taster” article prompted such derision from supporters that some cancelled their monthly donations in protest. Readers complained that the article was littered with factual errors and incomprehensible sentences.

Simon Trew - "True heroes of Wikipedia"

Despite what Wikipedia may think, my real name is Simon Trew. I recommend that you do not make any slanderous or libellous remarks about me. Whether or not Wikipemedia thinks so, I will have your guts for garters.

Massive Undisclosed Paid Editing sockfarms on Wikipedia

Blocking doesn't really matter because they abandon the accounts anyway, and we're not able to construct an effective technical restriction because they just use open proxies or VPNs to get around them anyway. We need a new solution