Getting articles accepted on Wikipedia

There are several reasons why Wikipedia articles do not get accepted on Wikipedia. Here I will share the main ones I’ve come across from my experience expertly editing Wikipedia during the last 2 months:
Writing style

Wikipedia aims to resemble an academic encyclopedia. One of the issues with this is that the users who usually contribute to Wikipedia lack academic (and oftentimes even elementary) writing skills. Recognising this was the main reason why I did quite well with my new article submissions. I have a lot of experience writing academically for my international school (Shanghai American School) homework that expects much higher writing standards than Wikipedia. NB: Writing style here refers not only to having proper grammar and paragraph structures, but also using adequate descriptors which are written in a crisp and neutral tone (always sticking to the point of why the subject of the article is sufficiently notable to merit a stand-aloneWikipedia entry).

Avoiding promotional text

One of the biggest mistakes new editors make on Wikipedia is using blatantly promotional language. There is a group of fanatical Wikipedia admins that devote much of their time deleting articles that have hints of promotional overtones.

Editor seniority

It's obvious there are many articles that, by Wikipedia’s own standards, should not be there. So why are they there? Because they’ve been submitted or are protected by certain senior editors. Although Wikipedia claims to be an open source site where anyone can contribute, the site is actually closely monitored by "bots" and managed by a small group of editors who act as if they own Wikipedia. These editors are often better known for deleting articles than creating new ones, and have achieved seniority for deleting articles over the years. As much as Wikipedia aims to not be biased, it clearly is.

Failed ? Is it worth alternatives to getting Your Wikipedia Article Accepted ?

No ! Let's face it, everyone has their own agenda when adding an article to Wikipedia, regardless of how neutral the article actually is. Because I've learned Wikipedia's system well, I am usually able to upload Wikipedia articles to the site avoiding any potential issues. I suggest that you do so too and avoid the so-called paid editors who mess this up. The point here is that the more an article gets deleted, the more difficult it becomes to re-publish it, so it is important to get it right the first time.

When uploading a Wikipedia article, my main advice is that the article be written in an encyclopedic manner.

You don't need a PhD to write a wikipedia article. If you have experience writing in an academic style for your sckool homework like I do, then following the 5 simple "5 pillars" wikipedia guidelines should help get your Wiki article accepted without wasting money on paid editors and faked PhDs from 5th world LDCs.