The real wikipedia faq

A small FAQ about wikipedias which I am putting together for my students and how they can use it for school, and very much an evolving work in progress.

Ans: A wikipedia (also called "wiki") is a massively multi-user collaborative blog edited by its mostly anonymous users, which deceptively calls itself an encyclopedia. Of course a wikipedia is not a real encyclopedia, being constantly changing and filled with anonymous deceits, lies and misinformation and so most wikipedias cannot be trusted.

A: Any computer (or mobile phone) connected to the internet can edit a wikipedia. It usually isn't even necessary to create an account to edit one of the less reputable wikis.

Q: Who owns wikipedia ?
A: A wikipedia is owned by whoever has control of the servers and has the login password. Since wikipedia softwares are usually free anyone can create their own wikipedias.

Q: Is wikipedia information trustworthy ?
A: No ! wikipedia entries simply cannot be trusted. Because wikipedia entries can be edited by anyone, they are often made from ignorance or deliberately with malice and often for payment by undisclosed interests. Since all edits on a wikipedia are anonymous the pedia simply cannot be trusted. When editors are caught posting blatantly false and deceitful entries the wikipedia managers will refuse to correct the entries or declare their identity even to the courts.

Q: Can I have my own wikipedia page and how much it cost?
A: Yes, because it is possible for anyone to edit a wikipedia you can easily have your own wikipedia page for free. If you do not know how to edit a wikipedia then you can hire professionals to do it for you on sites like fiverr and elance.

Q: I was badly abuse when I edited wikipedia about India. Why nobody objects racism there ?
A: This is an excellent question and most Indians face this kind of overt racism at western wikipedias. The reason is that wikipedias are actually all-white male drinking clubs for the lower classes ("dregs") of Anglo societies who are inherently racist.

Q: I was blocked at a wikipedia after I complain about an admin, what now ?
A: You can change your sex, color, eating and drinking habits and then become an admin yourself.

Q: Is it better to use Quora or Wikipedia to ask questions?
A: You can post this question on both those websites. Have you considered joining Reddit ?

Q: What are the benefits of writing for Wikipedia ?
A: You usually get the satisfaction of seeing your brilliant authorship removed from view within a few minutes

Q: Is Quora really Wikipedia's worst nightmare ?
A: No. That would be Jimmy Wales.

Q: Is there any list of things wrong about Wikipedia ?


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