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monkey text: you have reached star cruiser 2r2d786, home of the interweb's best wikipedia critics cutting edge boongapoonga satire, encyclopedia of wikipedia criticism, gaming and PG-13 parody at yet another random wikipedia criticism site written by angry defamed victims of the supremely evil Wookiepedia Foundation (TM) lunatic asylums.


WWW.WIKIPEDIACRITICS.COM is an educational non-profit review and wikipedia criticism website containing, and linking to, bonafide non-commercial fair use criticism and review of numerous wikipedia database(s) accessible over the internet (World.Wide.Web). The operative scheme of this website is to summarise, in an encyclopedic way, reliable sources for 3rd party commentary and news related to wikipedia activities based on the wikiway's core principle of "Verifiability not Truth".

WARNING : This wikipedia criticism website is not affiliated to other sites incorporating the "wikipedia" or "wikimedia" names and does not endorse those entities or their websites.

DEFINITION : A "wikipedia" is deemed throughout this website to be a 'bulletin board whether it impersonates an encyclopedia or not' - qv. Barry Cutler, the former director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection

An ancillary mission is to chronicle the corruption at The Wikimedia Foundation (a large wikipedia operator) so as to educate the innocent public at large in India (and only India) about the reams of pornography, disinformation, libels, IPR infringement and undisclosed paid editing that is hosted on the so-called “encyclopedias that anyone can edit.” (but from which defamed article subjects are abusively excluded).

1. This domain name is not for sale at any cost.

2. No goods are sold on/from this site, and the only services (classified as CLASS 45 under NICE) we offer are bonafide non-commercial free personal services to reliably inform and educate our online readers / subscribers via online computer free speech so as to Hasten The Day (HTD).

3. This domain is registered and transacted in New Delhi, India and is governed by provisions of India's Information Technology Act, and subject to jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi, India.

4. Content hosted on this website for wikipedia criticsm is liable to have been extensively machine translated from the Hindi language source, and may contain errors. Usage of registered trademarks or copyrighted material, if any, is for limited purposes of review and criticism and deemed by us to be allowed as non-commercial fair use. Corrections /deletions may be requested under the applicable intermediary guideline rules of India.

5. Because we take Copyright violations and misuse of our Intellectual Property seriously, we shall pursue and take steps to defend those rights. Conversely we also respond to and takedown genuine copy right / IPR claims received by us.

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